Tobishima とびしま
Nature and person and island remote island "Tobishima" where we touch 
Nature and person and island remote island "Tobishima" where we touch.
It is located to northwest 39km from Sakata Port and is 75 minutes in liner "black kite island".
Tobishima is full of many bird watchers in spring as way station of migratory bird at time of ferry of autumn bird.
In addition, including fishing visitor seeking big games, trekking visitors while we look at flower increase.

It is point excellent at view that the neighborhood of nose Tozaki observation deck faces the Sea of Japan and Mt. Chokai-san.

※Tobishima is chosen as "Yamagata scenery story".
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=It is = about Tobishima

○Six accommodation inns, guest house seven
      In the case of staying that is limited in the acceptance number of people "by all means
      Please make a reservation

○As there is not means of transportation taxi bus, signal, by foot, bicycle
         It becomes walk
         ※In addition, we cannot load with privately-owned car from Sakata Port

○There are not life supermarket and convenience store, but miscellaneous goods daily in island
      There are shop, restaurant, medical office

○There is not ATM of financial institution bank, and please use post office

○School closure of a school (from 2019)

○A population of 191 people (as of July, 2019)
     If main by fishery average age around 70 years old and jinseikunho kana seniors
     We live by doing

○In addition, we cannot use camping and Tue for Chokai Seminational Park
       Please supply baits in Sakata

○Inquiry snorkeling and scuba diving
        Prefectural fishermen's cooperative association Tobishima branch
       About play fishing boat
        Tobishima play fishing boat business meeting (inn aunt comes)

  • Name Tobishima
  • Location Tobishima, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-26-5759
  • Access It is about seven minutes by car from JR Sakata Station to Sakata Port
    It is about 17 minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway Sakata IC to Sakata Port
    It is 75 minutes in the liner Tobishima from Sakata Port
  • Parking lot 300 around Sakata Port
    Available for large vehicle
  • Contact information Sakata-shi interchange sightseeing section
  • Remarks We cannot camp in Tobishima.
    As liner is canceled when wave is high, please be careful.
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[Last updated] November 23, 2019
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