Tokura-ko (Lake) Cycling Course

Tokura-ko (Lake) Cycling Course とくらこさいくりんぐこーす
We can go around Tokura Lakeside
The outskirts of Campsite become Courses.
There is Promenade which surrounds around the Tokura-ko Lake neighborhood long ...; cycling road.
When we run while looking at lake and pass through forest of pine, it is popularity spot to fall easily naturally, and to toss of seasonal Tokura-ko Lake.
  • Name Tokura-ko (Lake) Cycling Course
  • Location Nitoubukuro, Obanazawa-shi
  • Phone number 0237-22-1111
  • FAX number 0237-22-3222
  • Contact information Obanazawa-shi Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing Division
  • Remarks Extension distance / width: 3.0km, width 2.0m
    Please use rent-a-bicycle of automatic Campsite
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[Last updated] May 15, 2012
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