Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo (Takahata Station ~ Birusawa)

Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo (Takahata Station ~ Birusawa) まほろばのりょくどう (たかはたえき~びるさわ)
Ruins of "Takahata railroad, Yamagata Kotsu Takahata Line"
It is "Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo" that we obtain by transfer, and maintained
"Takahata railroad, Yamagata Kotsu Takahata Line" was abolished in 1974.
There are many cultural assets, tourist facilities along the line.
As for the distance, flower or fruit tree to be able to enjoy are planted mainly on about 700 cherry trees along at about 6km seasonally.
Please take advantage of season of the fresh green as comfortable cycling and oasis.
In addition, Taiyo-kan added hot spring bathhouse to "hot water of mukudorino dream building warmth" and JR Takahata Station the writer of children's story "Hirosuke Hamada Memorial" has hot spring, rest area, restaurant along the line.
We perform rental of rent-a-bicycle at reception desk of Taiyo-kan.
  • Name Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo (Takahata Station ~ Birusawa)
  • Location Yamazaki, Takahata-machi, Higashiokitama-gun
  • Phone number 0238-57-3844
  • Admission Until rent-a-bike, three hours: 500 yen

    ※[April 11, 2017] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Contact information Takahata Town Tourist Association
  • URL
  • Remarks Area (ha): 7.4
    Extension distance/width: 14km
    Width 3.0m
    Opened: * 53
    [bicycle for rent]
    ・The handling number: 74
    ・Rental, application to Takahata-machi Taiyo-kan
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[Last updated] April 11, 2017
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