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Yamagata-shi Sogo Sports Center Skating Rink やまがたしそうごうすぽーつせんたーすきーじょう
Outdoor skating rink
Skating rink which does well between families and friends established in winter only during period using tennis court of Yamagata-shi sports complex.

  • Name Yamagata-shi Sogo Sports Center Skating Rink
  • Location 1, Ochiai, Yamagata-shi
  • Phone number 023-625-2288
  • FAX number 023-625-2285
  • Business Hours ●2017 Sunday, November 23 (Thu) ~ 2018 Sunday, February 25

    [Admission Free Day] ※(Shoe rental is subject to fees)
    November 23 and January 1

    [Every Saturday] ※(Shoe rental is subject to fees)
    Junior high school student and under admission free

    Weekday From 13:00 to 21:00
    [Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, Winter Vacation Period]
    From 10:00 to 18:00
    ※Winter vacation period 12/22 ~ 1/9
  • Closed [Closed] December 31
    ※The rink may be closed to public due to competition etc.
  • Admission Adult: 500 yen
    High school student: 300 yen
    Junior high school student and under: 200 yen
    Shoe rental fee: 300 yen
  • Access From Yamagata Station: 20 min by bus
  • Contact information Yamagata-shi sports complex
  • URL
  • Remarks ・On run, please wear gloves by all means.
     (one where is entered in link obliges to wearing of gloves.)
    ・Person except skates wearing cannot enter the link.

    Skating rink direct communication TEL 023-625-8252 (after 11/23)
  • Others ※Please visit our website for detail.
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[Last updated] October 27, 2017
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