Tobishima beach

Tobishima beach とびしまかいすいよくじょう
Beach that we can swim with fish
It is the only beach in Tobishima.
As they can look at fish swimming at beach excellent at transparency close, water glasses are places that they want to prepare for beforehand.
In addition, as it is surrounded by gulfs, wave is calm and is easy to swim and can experience in various ways as it is possible for play with a whore near.
  • Name Tobishima beach
  • Location Tobishima, Sakata-shi
  • Business Hours The mid-July and mid-August
  • Access It is a 5-minute walk from Katsuura Port (the liner Tobishima destination)
  • Parking lot None
  • Contact information Tobishima sightseeing meeting
  • URL
  • Remarks Let's prepare for Marlene goods beforehand
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[Last updated] June 25, 2020
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