Miyaumi beach

Miyaumi beach みやうみかいすいよくじょう
Beach where is immediate from all Sakata and IC
At beach in the north side of SAKATA KYODO POWER place, windmill is mark.
It is popularity spot where five minutes and doing fishing soon in the neighborhood of beach are a lot by car from all Sakata and IC.
In addition, "dirt phosphorus building of public thermal power station is near, too" and is most suitable for learning of child.

※It was closed in 2020.
  • Name Miyaumi beach
  • Location shudenshikyukaijisahi
  • Business Hours The mid-July and mid-August
  • Access It is about 15 minutes by car from JR Sakata Station
    It is about five minutes by car from all Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway Sakata and IC
  • Parking lot 200 lots
    Available for large vehicle
  • Contact information Miyaumi beach executive committee
  • URL https://www.city.sakata.lg.jp/sangyo/mtsuri/miyaumi.html
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[Last updated] June 25, 2020
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