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Komatsu skiing area managed by Kawanishi-machi かわにしちょうえいこまつすきーじょう
  • Name Komatsu skiing area managed by Kawanishi-machi
  • Location The Kamikomatsu, Kawanishi-machi Hiraya ground
  • Phone number 0238-42-2111
  • Access From Uzen-Komatsu Station 20-minute walk car five minutes
  • Contact information Kawanishi-machi
  • URL
  • Others Possibility period: From the end of December to the middle of March
    Slope area (ha): 11
    Quantity of (m): 1.5
    Incidental facility (rope-tow): 1
    Incidental facility (nightlight): Available
    Parking lot number (great subdivision): Dahlia garden parking lot is near
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[Last updated] February 26, 2014
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