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Mt. Gassan skiing area がっさんすきーじょう
  • Name Mt. Gassan skiing area
  • Location Ubasawa, Nishikawa-machi
  • Phone number 0237-74-4119
  • Access Is car than Sagae Station; 60 minutes
    From Yamagata Expressway Mt. Gassan I.C. 20 minutes
  • Contact information Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko
  • Others Possibility period: The early April and late July
    Slope area (ha): Mt. Uba-ga-take 97 128, Ushikubi
    Quantity of (m): 8
    Incidental facility (lift): Pair lift 1
    Lift 2
    Pony lift 2
    Incidental facility (rope-tow): 1
    Incidental facility (nightlight):―
    Parking lot number (great subdivision): 1050
    Accommodation seating capacity (the total number): 1,500
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[Last updated] April 30, 2013
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