Kamuro skiing area

Kamuro skiing area かむろすきーじょう
We slip happily and relax in hot spring.
Skiing area boasting superb view which Mt. Gassan and Mt. Chokai-san can overlook. We can enjoy wide Courses from family slope to product for seniors. There are tube sled Courses and Courses for exclusive use of board and can enjoy fantastic night game ski while bathing in cocktail light at night.
In adjacent spa facility, hottohausukamuro and hoterushienesuhaimu Kaneyama, ski plan including two meals is advantageous in a night.
There are discount of lift rate and various Events, too.
  • Name Kamuro skiing area
  • Location 1400, Ariya, Kaneyama-machi
  • Phone number 0233-52-2240
  • Business Hours Weekday From 13:00 to 21:00
    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: From 9:00 to 21:00
  • Closed None
  • Admission ・Free of charge lower than primary schoolchild
    ・Adult day ticket 2,500 yen
      ※There is high school student, junior high student, senior rate, and there are ticket, two hours ticket, coupon for other four hours
      ※Ticket is advantageous in ticket, pair season in season, too
  • Access Tokamachi gets off from Shinjo Station for Kaneyama, Shinjo Line bus 40 minutes → Town-managed Kaneyama, Ltd. shop bus 15 minutes
  • Contact information Kamuro skiing area
  • URL http://www.geocities.jp/kamuroski/kamuro-top.html
  • Others Possibility period: The late December and late March
    Slope area (ha): 17.6
    Quantity of (m): 1.5
    Incidental facility (ropeway):―
    Incidental facility (lift): 1
    Incidental facility (rope-tow): 1
    Incidental facility (nightlight): Available
    Parking lot number (great subdivision): The small 400
    Accommodation seating capacity (the total number):―
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