Shinjo Castle Ruins: Mogami Park

Shinjo Castle Ruins: Mogami Park しんじょうじょうし・もがみこうえん
Park developed on the ruins of Shinjo Castle, which was built by the first generation of Shonai feudal lord Masamori Tozawa in 1625
Shinjo-shi is a castletown with 68,200-goku.
Tozawa Family reigned for about 243 years from the first generation feudal lord Masamori to the 11th generation Masazane in this Shinjo Castle on the plain surrounded by triple moats.
Now Tozawa Shrine, Tenmangu, and Gokoku Shrine are worshipped on the premise where you can still see the moats and stone walls at that time.
“Mogami Park” has become residents’ recreational area with about 300 cherry trees in varieties such as Someiyoshino and Shidare-zakura blooming in spring.
Lots of people visit here for cherry blossom viewing during Spring Festival and Kadoyaki Festival.
  • Name Shinjo Castle Ruins: Mogami Park
  • Location 6-86 Horibatamachi, Shinjo-shi
  • Phone number 0233-22-2111
  • FAX number 0233-22-0989
  • Contact information Tourism Exchange Office, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Division, Shinjo-shi
  • URL
  • Remarks Area (ha): 5.5
    Opened: 1952.4.16.
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