Hill [Sagae Park] of cherry tree

Hill of cherry tree [Sagae Park]
Perfect cherry tree location that is used for shooting
Yoshino cherry tree, Hongshan cherry tree, double cherry blossom, Prunus speciosa is about 700.
It is used for taking picture of movie or drama and can expect Asahi Peaks, Mt. Gassan in conjunction with cherry tree from fine-view open space.
Lighting up is performed during season and can enjoy scenery unlike Japan and China.
  • Name Hill [Sagae Park] of cherry tree
  • Location Sagae-shi Nagaoka
  • Phone number 0237-86-2111
  • Access From JR Nishi-Sagae Station a 15-minute walk
    From Yamagata Expressway Sagae I.C car 13 minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Sagae-shi Cherry sightseeing section
  • URL https://www.city.sagae.yamagata.jp/kanko/kanko/sakuramidokoro.html
  • Remarks [Expected Peak: Middle to late April]
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[Last updated] June 04, 2019
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