Hiyoriyama Park

Hiyoriyama Park ひよりやまこうえん
Carrying down historical remnants which remind of prosperity of the port:
Hiyoriyama Park
Hiyoriyama Park, where the sunset over Japan Sea touches the heart of a traveler, is also a popular spot for cherry blossoms; during Sakata Hiyoriyama Sakura Festival held every year in the middle of April, about 400 cherry trees come into bloom and paper lanterns are lit during the night.
One of the oldest wooden hexagonal lighthouses in Japan, bearing stones, and Sengoku-bune [Japanese huge wooden sailing vessel] (re-created in half scale) which used to play an active role are on exhibit in the park and carry down the feel of a port town.
Also, 29 literature monuments stand along the 1.2 km walking trail in the park and introduce poets and authors who visited Sakata from Edo to Showa Era.

From the hexagonal lighthouse, you can look over the port of Sakata and the mouth of Mogami-gawa and the setting sun over Japan Sea.

※Hiyoriyama Park is chosen as "Yamagata scenery story".
For further information, please visit http://yamagata-keikanmonogatari.com/
  • Name Hiyoriyama Park
  • Location 1-127 Minamishin-machi, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-26-5745
  • Access From JR Sakata Station: 6 min by car
    From JR Sakata Station: 5 min by Shonai Kotsu Bus to Kotobuki-machi stop; then 5 min on foot
    From Sakata Interchange of Nihon-kai Tohoku Express way: 17 min by car
  • Parking lot 63
  • Contact information Sakata-shi engineering works section Park green tract of land person in charge
  • Remarks [Expected Peak: Middle to late April]
    ※Hiyoriyama Park Sakura Festival ~ Taking place in the middle of April
  • Others Restroom available
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[Last updated] November 15, 2019
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