Shinjo-shi Ecology Garden “Gensan-no-Mori” [Forest of Silkworm]

Shinjo-shi Ecology Garden “Gensan-no-Mori” [Forest of Silkworm] しんじょうしえころじーがーでんげんさんのもり
Former Sericultural Experimental Laboratory Fukushima Branch Shinjo Office
Finished historical mission, the laboratory was closed and missed in 2000; the city acquired the lot from the national government. The part of the lot of a little more than 6ha on the southern side has been opened to public as Shinjo-shi Ecology Garden “Gensan-no-Mori” since September, 2002. It will be maintained as citizen’s recreational area from now on.
Come and visit to enjoy unique atmosphere in this sylvan place surrounded by large trees of cherry, Japanese zelkoba, and mulberry.

We hold handmade market "kitokito MARCHE" every month from May through November on third Sunday.
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  • Name Shinjo-shi Ecology Garden “Gensan-no-Mori” [Forest of Silkworm]
  • Location 6000-1 Tokamachi, Shinjo-shi
  • Phone number 0233-22-2111
  • FAX number 0233-22-0989
  • Closed On Tuesdays, year-end and New Year’s holidays
  • Access From Shinjo Station: 5 min by car
  • Parking lot 20 lots
    There is parking lot in direct marketing facility in ecology garden
  • Contact information Shinjo-shi business and industry sightseeing section
  • URL
  • Remarks [Expected Peak: Early May]
    [in full bloom of the fresh green: in the end of May]
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[Last updated] February 21, 2018
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