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Koraikan Korai-kan building みちのえきとざわ こうらいかん
We reproduced the Korean history and culture
Theme park of Japan-Korea friendship, "Momokami-no-Sato" "Korai-kan"
By coined word that we combine "peach" with meaning of cliff and "Cami" with meaning of basin with peach Cami by Ainu on Roadside Station Hiraki Station and were named, we give sounding called "Mogami district".

There is stand where restaurant, Hunkuk Trading which bibimbap and cold noodle can taste are even on abundantly.

We can look at the fields spreading through magnificent Mogami River and opposite bank from high place.
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  • Name Koraikan
  • Location 3008-1, Kurobuchi, Kuraoka, Tozawa-mura
  • Phone number 0233-72-3303
  • Business Hours From 9:00 to 17:30 (from April to November)
    From 9:00 to 16:30 (from December to March)
    ※Business hours vary according to facility.
  • Closed It is without holiday during period
  • Access From Shinjo-shi is 20 minutes in the Sakata-shi area at National highway No. 47
  • Parking lot Common car: 84, large car: It is for ten, people with a physical disability: Five
  • Contact information Korai-kan building
  • URL html
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