Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs

Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs まむろがわおんど
Late Chikaoka Kanae where we took service with in Onagawa at the time of in Mamurogawa native place took thing that "nut melody" that was popular in the north coastal highway area at the time of Meiji reached fishermen of fishing port Onagawa of Miyagi and was sung to go at the beginning of Showa in Mamurogawa, and "hills and rivers short ballad" that added creation, and sang (the hills and rivers were restaurants which were in Mamurogawa in those days and Nakae returned from Onagawa and worked) developed in later Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs. Mamurogawa at the time built development of mine and military airport, and workers from the whole country gathered, and, in the night town, it was lively. Therefore it was "Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs" to have been sung flourishingly. We were still enjoyed singing among workers scattered all over the country of the whole country at the time by closing a mountain and the end of the war of mine, and it was trendy, and this was connected with the nationwide spread. We do not know place called Mamurogawa, but it is said that there are a lot of people to know Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs.
  • Name Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs
  • Location Mamurogawa-machi, Mogami-gun Mamurogawa
  • Phone number 0233-62-2111
  • Access From Mamurogawa Station a 15-minute walk
  • Contact information Mamurogawa-machi interchange section
  • Others One, plum blossoms koorya of I sha Mamurogawa
      Bush warbler (haakoryakorya) of again this you town
      Wait impatiently for flower to bloom; and koorya
      It is tsu utekuru from bud

    Beating saw from two, bud tsu, but koorya
      Flower tote mind not to open has trouble (haakoryakorya)
      If the season came early; koorya
      We want to break person branch

    Three, koorya which had a dream that had a dream that dreamed
      We want to see in soe utoko dream with you (haakoryakorya)
      It is koorya with cup of 339 degrees
      We woke up in place to have

    Receive cousin Shinjyo four, Mamurogawa; and koorya
      Daughter is beautiful woman again; song dokoro (haakoryakorya)
      Stop for climbing up and down a little; and koorya
      Hear, and return again; this leading

    If turn around from five, the back, is fence ko; and koorya
      We obtain Inuboe if it turns around from table (haakoryakorya)
      Do not cry, and do not make noise; thief janaiyo koorya
      Daughter of this house has business a little
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