Oh, it is pattern joke / Osawa clause

Oh, it is pattern joke / Osawa clause あがらしゃれ/おおさわぶし
With drinking bout song, old comfort Jomura is said to have sung in old days when we hit street entering hospital in Akita from Shonai and push forward liquor to serving toriga visitor on the master side for existence of post town at seat of feast. It is called another name "Osawa clause".
,, for the word "agarashare", "please enter family with meaning" "please have some"; have two meanings.
When liquor is advanced, bottle and cup said to be "cup not to put" is used. This processed lump of Thu, and it is said that we were not able to put until we drink and dry the contents because bottom is not flat.
  • Name Oh, it is pattern joke / Osawa clause
  • Location Mamurogawa-machi Mamurogawa
  • Phone number 0233-62-2111
  • Contact information Mamurogawa-machi Board of Education
  • Others We drink one, a lot of haa
      nanyanaitatemo yo (hakkoicha)
      My feeling is snack

    Two, this haa house room
      Happy seat is with floor (hakkoicha)
      Tortoise drinks by serving of crane

    Person who drinks three, haa liquor
      Flower is bud (hakkoicha)
      As for today and liquor (bloom) liquor (bloom) tomorrow liquor (bloom)

    Four, haa 3000, Osawa stone
      Residence takunejanedomo yo (hakkoicha)
      Breakfast ya lunch lunch ya dinner
      We are in trouble in large quantities in dinner ya midnight

    Do I hate five, haa liquor?
      We take, and do I hate serving (hakkoicha)?
      If I hate serving, it is replaced 
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