Village Gobono of firefly

Village of firefly Gobono ほたるのさと ごぼうの
In Gobono of the city northeast, boisterous dance of firefly is seen on Jul from the end of June.
"Meeting which protected firefly of Gobono river" played a key role in the district and investigated river cleaning and life and was connected in these activities calling back firefly in river.
Promenade is maintained not to spoil nature, and many people visit river bank in this area now to enjoy a fantastic time when it is season.
  • Name Village Gobono of firefly
  • Location Gobono, Obanazawa-shi
  • Phone number 0237-23-4567
  • FAX number 0237-23-4568
  • Access Is car than Obanazawa city area; ten minutes
  • Parking lot As member of traffic control derives in the golden age, please obey instructions.
  • Contact information (no company) Obanazawa-shi Sightseeing and Products Association
  • Remarks [manner in case of sightseeing]
    ・We do not catch firefly
    ・We do not do electronic flash shooting
    The rule mentioned above is decided
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[Last updated] October 30, 2018
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