Hayama はやま
Highest peak "Hayama" of Sagae-shi is known as the climax of mountaineering asceticism from the Nara era and is one of "Dewa San-zan" in the past and is sacred mountain located in Sagae-shi, Murayama-shi, the boundary of Okura-mura.
It is got close as citizen's mountain and it is good and can climb approach easily and is showing bustle now. It has various charms, but the prospects from Okuno-in Temple can overlook 100 famous mountains in Japan 6 seat (Mt. Gassan, Mt. Oasahidake, Mt. Chokai-san, Mount Zao, Mt. Ide, Mt. Azuma-san) all in Yamagata Prefecture fantastically the mountaintop in particular from season of the fresh green to season of colored leaves.
We linked the name in Mt. 100 Tohoku, and was chosen newly in Mt. 100 Yamagata in 2016.
  • Name Hayama
  • Location Sagae-shi
  • Phone number 0237-86-2111
  • FAX number 0237-86-7100
  • Access [traffic to field Exit]
    From Sagae Station is 19km car 40 minutes to field Exit
    It is 1 hour 30 minutes on foot than Yukio
    [traffic to ten copies of one mountain passes Exit]
    It is 34km car one hour ten minutes to mountain pass Exit best among Part 10 than Sagae Station
  • Contact information Sagae-shi Cherry sightseeing section
  • URL https://www.city.sagae.yamagata.jp/kanko/kanko/hayama.html
  • Remarks Altitude (m): 1,462

    ※As 1 Part 10 one Pass (Route 458) becomes the closure between the winter season after snowfall until around June in the next year, please be careful.
    ※Part 20 one Pass (Route 458) has unpaved place partly.
    ※Because slope collapse is easy to happen, and Part 30 one Pass (Route 458) is often closed to traffic, please confirm traffic condition beforehand.
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[Last updated] June 21, 2019
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