Mogami-kyo もがみきょう
The mountains on the heels of both sides of Mogami River are the best part. Let's enjoy magnificent nature.

Mogami-kyo Gorge proud of the best scenery in mother river of Yamagata Prefecture, Mogami River basin. You can enjoy magnificent scenery that mountain approaches both sides.
Mogami-kyo Gorge which shows various expressions seasonally.
Scattering wild cherry tree colors the mountains, and the mountains are dyed on brocade in the summer in the fresh green, autumn of limit to look around, and colored leaves shine in the surface of the water in spring. Superb view which lost the world of black-and-white drawing in winter, and was crowded.

Even if drive is good on riverside national highway, but it says what is, to be able to feel by dynamic scenery of Mogami-kyo Gorge; Mogami barge descent.
As for the scenery to watch with guide of sailor's song which boatman forged and Mogami dialect, it will be memorable experience.

  • Name Mogami-kyo
  • Location 270, Furukuchi, Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun
  • Phone number 0233-72-2110
  • FAX number 0233-72-2116
  • Closed No fixed holiday
  • Admission Please inquire for ship descent directly

    ※[April 14, 2020] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Access Around JR Takaya Station
  • Parking lot 30 lots available
  • Contact information Tozawa Village Tourisms Association
  • URL
  • Remarks The best time to see of cherry blossoms: The beginning of May
    Season of the fresh green: The mid-May and early June
    The best time to see of colored leaves: The late October and late November
    Snowy season: Usual around the end of December ~ February
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[Last updated] April 14, 2020
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