Kurotaki Waterfalls

Kurotaki Waterfalls くろたき
It is on the right side of red waterfall and can have a distant view in the same way from observation deck of west Azuma sky valley halfway up a mountain. This flows through black bave rock.
Degree of difficulty (the super beginner's class) Form (funki*) of waterfall There is parking lot More than 30m There is fine-view point
<faith, tradition, origin>
One which is considered to be the Mogami River source that is number

Pass through west Azuma sky valley (prefectural road Route 2) west Agatsuma Tunnel extending to the southern part of Yonezawa-shi
We can see from observation deck of immediate soryukyochushajo. .
 In arrival, parking lot several, there is stopped area by car from Shirabu hot-spring resort in approximately ten minutes.
 "Mogami River source monument"
 "Benibana national polity 47th National Athletic Meet meet flag, monument on bonfire relay "Tue of moisture, the Mogami River source" lighting torch ground September 29, 1992
 "Monument that Yonezawa Inawashiro Line road opening is commemorative" (Yamagata Prefecture)
 Nameplate of "red waterfall, Kurotaki Waterfalls" stands. Red waterfall, Kurotaki Waterfalls looks small from between Thu in background. The way to subjacency is not found with both waterfalls either.
The left hand side is Kurotaki Waterfalls on red waterfall, right hand side.

Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name Kurotaki Waterfalls (Kurotaki)
  • DATA Drop: 100m
    Form: funki*
    Degree of difficulty: Super-Beginner
    The time required: Parking lot is immediate
  • Location Yonezawa-shi
  • FAX number 0238-24-4541
  • Access Is car from Yonezawa Station; around 60 minutes (soryukyotembodai)
  • Parking lot Available
  • View Point soryukyotembodai (distant view)
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood Shirabu Hot Springs, Shintakayu Onsen, Tengendai Kogen
  • The nearest accommodations Shirabu Hot Springs
  • Sightseeing time From June to the beginning of November
  • URL http://www.city.yonezawa.yamagata.jp/
  • Remarks Yonezawa City University Tarukawa Valley
  • Contact information Yonezawa City Tourism Division
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