Kuguri waterfall

Kuguri waterfall くぐりたき
It is green in spring, and we are dyed in crimson in autumn, and, among Wed Japanese banana plant, nature beeches, there is voice of wild bird in beautiful valley, and rocky cavern narrow shito which nature dug out flows out.
Degree of difficulty (the beginner's class) Form (choku*) of waterfallForm (cascade) of waterfall There is parking lot There is Details map
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We pass from state to run, and waterfall is called waterfall from rock

Route 348 and T-shaped road of prefectural road 5 are in Kotaki district in the northern part of Nanyo-shi.
When we ran, "we pass, and route guidance mark of waterfall" comes out of the Yamagata area along the national highway when we go straight on without turning in this T-shaped road.
According to mark, there is Wed forest when we follow glen approximately 4 kilos.
In this valley, nature dug out huge rock, pass, and there is waterfall.
There are Kumano Shrine, small shrine of Myojin near.
This river water has much quantity of water in the days of spring thaw and early summer rain at the source of the Yoshino River, too, and rocky cavern narrow shito flows out.

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  • Name Kuguri waterfall (we want to pass)
  • DATA Drop: 14m (hole 5m in height 4.6m in width of rock)
    Form: choku*, cascade
    Degree of difficulty: Beginner
    The time required: Three minutes※
    ※The starting point: From map "parking lot"
  • Location Kotaki, Nanyo-shi
  • FAX number 0238-40-3422
  • Access It is approximately 40 minutes by car from Akayu Station
    It is approximately ten minutes by car from Route 348
    It is 30 minutes by car from Zao Station
    It is 35 minutes by Tohoku Chuo Expressway Yamagata center IC ~ car 

    A 3-minute walk from parking lot ~
  • Parking lot Ltd. (5-7 taxes in proportion to the number of people with Promenade)
  • View Point Promenade to the basin of a waterfall, in front of waterfall
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood kumayadaishasomatsu rosary (from early June through early July)
  • The nearest accommodations Akayu Onsen
  • Sightseeing time From May to November (spring ~ autumn)
  • URL http://nanyoshi-kanko.jp/search/detail/58
  • Remarks "Meeting of Nanyo hawk"
    Way (ancient morality of Dewa) trekking of Kumano mountaineering asceticism
    [main guide area]
    A Courses: Way Courses (Miyauchi Kumano Shrine ~ Hayama temple) of Kumano mountaineering asceticism
    B Courses: True Courses (we pass through Wed waterfall Mt. waterfall ~ Kumano) of Wed forest bride

  • Others The Promenade (at the parking lot starting point three minutes) beginner's class
  • Contact information Nanyo-shi business and industry sightseeing section
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