The Mokichi Saito Memorial

The Mokichi Saito Memorial さいとうもきちきねんかん
It was reopened on April 27, 2018
In south hill of cloth Kanakame, Kaminoyama-shi of Mokichi Saito, we were opened in the autumn of 1968. (we carry out extension and/or alteration of building in 1989)
In the picturesque ground asking Zao Peaks of the bank, the east of Sugawa of Mogami River branch, the Emperor Meiji is called Miyuki Park here in commemoration of short recess place in case of Tohoku Imperial tour in the autumn of 1881.
In hall, store displays achievements and life that Mokichi Saito of psychiatrist left for in poets occupying position that is important to modern tanka history mainly on documents such as telling painting and calligraphic works.
(kajinsaifujimokichiisumi, posthumous works, colored paper, memento, tanzaku)

It was reopened in commemoration of the opening 50th anniversary on April 27, 2018, and renewal and barrier-free of display became more substantial facility by becoming.
We look forward to your visit.
  • Name The Mokichi Saito Memorial
  • Location Kitamachi, Kaminoyama-shi wife of chief zen-priest 1421
  • Phone number 023-672-7227
  • FAX number 023-672-2626
  • Business Hours 9:00-17:00 (until admission 16:45)
  • Closed On Wednesdays
    on Year-end New Year holidays
  • Admission Adult:
    600 yen for adults (500 yen)
    Student 300 yen (250 yen)
    100 yen for children (50 yen)

    () More than ten inner ha groups, it is person with a disability reduced fare

    ※[November 18, 2019] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Access From Kaminoyama-Onsen Station bus ten minutes
    It is a 2-minute walk from Ou Main Line Mokichi-Kinenkammae Station
  • Parking lot Available
    Normal car, large car, use of wheelchair normal car
  • Contact information The Mokichi Saito Memorial
  • URL
  • Remarks Access of wheelchair: Slip road, exhibition room correspondence
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    Sound guide (300 yen)
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