Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"

Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge" こでらけいこく じんつうきょう
Kiki and symphony which clear stream plays
It is valley which Wed which flowed out of peaks about 3,000 hectares including Asahi Peaks small Asahidake formed for several thousand years. There was truck to carry wood which we cut at old temple in old days to Yanagawa along the gorge, but we repair way of truck now and are maintained as Promenade so that person can walk.

※Jintsu-kyo Gorge is closed to traffic because of landslide for the duration. If prospect of restoration is in sight, we will tell again. (as of November 12, 2019)

☆Jintsu-kyo Gorge of the fresh green☆
Peak From the end of May to June
Color of thick leaf is combined with freshness of river bathing in sunshine filtering through foliage on the warm New Year deeply while being the fresh green full of youth and creates healthy space.
Please enjoy refreshing air and spring Jintsu-kyo Gorge full of life.
★Jintsu-kyo Gorge of colored leaves★
Peak From late October to early November 
It seems to spring and the surface of the water of river full of freshness not to change and yellow, orange, red and color of burning leaf of Thu which turned red are crowded, and lets particular autumn feel.
Colored leaves of Thu emitting brightness ahead of winter of intense cold to come will be right art from now on.
Please enjoy autumn Jintsu-kyo Gorge that life stained with contrast of divine colored leaves flares up.
  • Name Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"
  • Location Swamp district of Ogo, Nishimurayama-gun Machida
  • Phone number 0237-62-2139
  • FAX number 0237-62-4736
  • Business Hours The late May and early November
  • Closed It is closed down because of snow from late November through early May
  • Access From Aterazawa Station car 45 minutes
  • Parking lot Approximately 50
  • Contact information Oe-machi Sightseeing Product Association
  • URL http://oekanko.jp/?page_id=29
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[Last updated] November 12, 2019
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