Homma-ke Kyuhontei

Homma-ke Kyuhontei ほんまけきゅうほんてい
Samurai Residence that retains a history
Mitsuoka, the third-generation of Homma Family, built this residence in 2,0000-goku direct retainer style with Nagaya-mon gate to be used as a lodgment for Bakufu Junkenshi* for the sake of the domain lord Sakai Family.
then it was used as central community center from 1949 to 1976, and has been open to public as a tourist facility since 1982.
There are exhibits such as pay desk, scales and measures, lighting equipment including andon, and kitchen utensils in the annex “Otana” on the other side of the road; also souvenirs are sold.

※Bakufu Junkenshi…Shogunal official who was sent on the alternation of Shogun
※Shoin-zukuri…an architectural style of Samurai residence established at the beginning of the early modern period based on Shinden-zukuri of court noble during Heian Era
  • Name Homma-ke Kyuhontei
  • Location 12-13 Nibancho, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-22-3562
  • Business Hours 9:30-16:30
    (closed at 16:00 from November to February)
  • Closed From middle of December to late January
    on the day of switching exhibits
  • Access From JR Sakata Station: 6 min by car
    From Sakata Interchange of Nihonkai Tohoku Expressway: about 15 min by car
  • Parking lot 20 lots for ordinary vehicle (also, 30 temporary lots available)
    2 lots for large vehicle
  • URL http://hommake.sakura.ne.jp/
  • Remarks Please inquire for rate directly
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