Haiku Monument of Basho Matsuo, Suzushi-zuka Mound / Yosen temple

Haiku Monument of Basho Matsuo, Suzushi-zuka Mound / Yosen temple ばしょうくひすずしづか
It is in (7 nights) when we stayed in Oku-no-Hosomichi for the longest time and said Yosen temple boundary.
Of 0.92m in height, width 0.5m, "my accommodation nishitenemaru *** by the cool" say Suzushi-zuka Mound which there is monument in.

Suzushi-zuka Mound.

Of "I accommodation nishitenemaru * by the cool" which paths of Shibazaki Wed and Suzuki bare state built in the precincts of Yosen temple in 1762 (Horeki 12) there is stone tablet. This is "Suzushi-zuka Mound", and monument ticking away "deceased man's Buddhist name out of pot" is built in the neighbor.

Monument out of Haiku Monument of Basho and pot.

Of haiku poet forest Eragostis ferruginea (Tsuruoka) of Mino school of haiku to come to study, but to do nochi, nobody Shiko Kagami of the same school of Basho ten sages with father in sea Hajime Tani descending from school of Basho ten sages, Ransetsu Hattori in haiku poets of Edo period on behalf of Murayama district during pot at the start became of the same discipline. With 1751 (Horeki 1), general term for haiku and linked verse friend, it is person who got "cicada mound" in Risshaku-ji Temple Risshaku-ji Temple.

Basho linked poem monument.

Two monuments are seen in the east side of "Suzushi-zuka Mound". Nothing large monument (the left) where carve with letter and is called "Basho linked poem monument" one more in (the right) of "wait Obanazawa Basho old man of ten nights." To consecutive stone tablet, table 4 phrase of the first page of "su ゞ shisao" which Basho surrounded during Obanazawa stay major poet is carved with.

○"su ゞ shisao" major poet

  • Name Haiku Monument of Basho Matsuo, Suzushi-zuka Mound / Yosen temple
  • Location Fumotomachi, Obanazawa-shi
  • Phone number 0237-22-1111
  • FAX number 0237-22-3222
  • Access From Obanazawa bus terminal a 7-minute walk
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Obanazawa-shi Commerce, Industry and Sightseeing Division
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