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Harada ruins of a castle はらだじょうし
Castle trace of vassal, Harada of Date
We were called wisteria ka Mori castle from old days, and hall of chief vassal Harada of house for show was built and did castle to haraden*umakaishuji (grandfather of Kai Harada Sosuke of disturbance for show). Main enclosure, trace of the outworks of a castle leave mossed fieldwork and dried foss; Furuki of fir tree is sky nisosobieteiru.
  • Name Harada ruins of a castle
  • Location Kamikomatsu, Kawanishi-machi Okitama Park
  • Phone number 0238-42-2111
  • Access From Uzen-Komatsu Station a 20-minute walk
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Kawanishi-machi industrial development section
  • URL
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[Last updated] March 14, 2014
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