Yamagata Castle Ruins (Kajo Park)

Yamagata Castle Ruins (Kajo Park) やまがたじょうあと(かじょうこうえん)
Kajo Park is a city park with an area of about 36.9 ha on the ruins of Yamagata Castle located in the center of the city.
Its origin is said to be the castellation started by Kaneyori Shiba (the first generation of Mogami family) as he moved in Yamagata for Ushu Tandai position; prototype of the present castle is allegedly ascribed to the 11th Castellan Yoshiaki Mogami (1546-1614). This is one of the nation’s biggest outlined style castles built on flatland surrounded by threefold moats of Honmaru, Ninomaru, and sannomaru; also called “Kasumigashiro [castle in haze]” because the silhouette of the castle was not visible due to haze during the Battle of Hasedo which was regarded as Battle of Sekigahara in Dewa. It is said that Tadamata Torii, who became the castellan in 1622 after the rank change of Mogami family, overhauled the existing moat, mound, and stone wall of Ninomaru.
This castle ruins are designated as national historic site in 1986 and selected as one of “Top 100 Castles in Japan” in 2006; now known as popular site for cherry trees and tourist spot. Also, there are many museums in the premise and vicinity such as Yamagata-shi Folk Museum, Yamagata Prefectural Museum, Yamagata Art Museum, and Mogami Yoshiki Historical Museum.
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