Mizunomachiya Nanokamachi Gotenzeki

Townspeople's houses of Wed Nanukamachi Goten Zeki [canal] みずのまちや なのかまちごてんぜき
Redevelopment commercial facilities which used scenery of hydrophilic space and dam which played one "palace dam" of agriculture water dam "5, Yamagata dam" which flowed through central city area like mesh of a net in piling-stones waterway
  • Name Mizunomachiya Nanokamachi Gotenzeki
  • Location 2-7-6, Nanukamachi, Yamagata-shi
  • Phone number 023-623-0466 Yuki indoor
  • Contact information Nanukamachi palace dam development
  • URL http://gotenzeki.co.jp/
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[Last updated] January 27, 2020
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