Disembarkation place of Basho

Disembarkation place of Basho ばしょうじょうりくのち
Key point of traffic that port of river "Kiyokawa" of Mogami River water transportation ties up Shonai to Nairiku
Kiyokawa who is place of Basho Matsuo landing reaches Dewa San-zan; "was, and was start point of way of paste", and people who struck from here continued trip to Dewa San-zan.
It is informed that turnout of the mountains of Haguro was just turnout of ex-Kiyokawa.
And it is said that there was barrier in this place that is point of traffic in the Edo era, and "Enoki of ship filler" and well trace are remaining now.
Meanwhile, it is said that "we gather early summer rain, and Basho Matsuo who is below Mogami River, and got down on the ground of Kiyokawa does already in in the boat and composed on phrase called Mogami River".
  • Name Disembarkation place of Basho
  • Location 1-1, Hanasaki, Kiyokawa, Shonai-machi, Higashitagawa-gun
  • Phone number 0234-57-2211
  • Business Hours From 8:30 to 17:00
  • Admission For one guide, it is 1,000 yen hourly
  • Access We turn right to old Kiyokawa Elementary School from Route 47 and are immediate
  • Parking lot 10 lots available
  • Contact information Meeting (the secretariat: Shonai-machi government office Tachikawa branch Kiyokawa public hall) of sightseeing in Kiyokawa guide
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