Basho image and Haiku Monument of Basho

Basho image This Haiku Monument of Basho ばしょうぞう と ばしょうくひ
Basho Matsuo who wandered about in Yamagata for more than 40 days, and stayed in Sakata for 9 nights soon.
He had wicker hat to stick, and, on trip that we moved blind bag to and wore sandals, 46-year-old Basho seemed to be tough-footed at all.

≪Basho image≫
  In a traveling kit of Basho of Oku-no-Hosomichi
  1979 (1979) erection 2m in height

≪Haiku Monument of Basho≫
  Epitaph "Mt. Atsumi and cool air which says for the * back" 
  1788 (1788) erection height 2m35cm
  ※Stone tablet which stood in Hiyoriyama Park earliest
  • Name Basho image and Haiku Monument of Basho
  • Location 1-10, Minamishinmachi, Sakata-shi (the Hiyoriyama Park)
  • Phone number 0234-26-5759
  • Access From Sakata Station a 5-minute walk from Tsuruoka line bus five minutes Kotobukicho getting off
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Sakata-shi interchange sightseeing section
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