The 16 Arhats stones

The 16 Arhats stones じゅうろくらかんいわ
Rakan statue of Sea of Japan which was carved to rock washed by angry waves
hatsugan did zo* in hope of the prosperity of Buddhism and relief of all creatures in 1864, and we hung time for conduct five years in local masons, and Fukura Sea temple belonging to the Zen sect 21 daikankaiwanao completed image of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff in 22 in 1868.
22 in 16 Rakan in Sakyamuni, Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Samantabhadra-bodhisattva, the Kannon, Buddha's bones Buddha, image of three of eyes lotus in total.
It is only here and reason, resource which is valuable historically on the Sea of Japan side that are engraved into reef with all these scale.
100 selections of history culture property (the Fisheries Agency choice) of fishery fishing village which we want to leave in the future

The figure standing still as silhouette of the setting sun setting in Rakan rock under the blue sky falling out and contrast of the Sea of Japan or the Sea of Japan quietly lets you forget time of person visiting.
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  • Name The 16 Arhats stones
  • Location Fukura, Yuza-machi, Akumi-gun west shield
  • Phone number 0234-72-5666
  • Parking lot 100 lots available
  • Contact information Yuzachokai Tourist Association of Nonprofit Organization
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