Old Takahata Station

Old Takahata Station きゅうたかはたえき
Old station building using local Takahata stone
Tools which were unusually used at the time of train and track are saved, and station building made with Takahata stone made specially in hometown whets homesickness. We were rebuilt in 1934 by wooden station building.

Takahata Line
Over Meiji the 20s through the 30s, Ou line Nukanome Station opened even Takahata commencing with the operation filature of a lot of Hasegawa spinning (Takemori) and both feathers spinning place (Takahata) others in April, 2021. When spirit of local industry promotion of people increased, naturally interest about transportation of product came to increase. Takahata railroad was born in such a background. Until prewar days, transportation such as fruit such as ore of double slope and Kanehara mine of Yunohara, Shichikashuku-machi, Miyagi mine, Niijuku, wood, charcoal, cow, dairy products, building stones of Niijuku, Takahata, the spinning, rice of Takahata, Yashiro, pear, apple, grape was performed flourishingly, and, also, this Takahata railroad carried role as foot of people.
Carriage of goods was continued until we turned into trucking after the war, and there were others, arrival raw materials, transportation of fuel (including coal), too. In 1953, we carried about 620,000 passengers (daily an average of about 1,700 people).
Small passenger car called "pack of matches" loved by many passengers moves to "Meiji-Mura", and track trace between Nukanome, Takahata is reborn as "Mahoroba-no-Ryokudo", and it is saved static condition electric locomotive, freight train, denshakakuichi* by former Takahata Station Park.
  • Name Old Takahata Station
  • Location Sakuragicho, Takahata-machi
  • Phone number 0238 (52) 1111
  • Access Than Takahata Station car ten minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Takahata Town Culture Division
  • Others Establishment Date:―
    Open to Public: As needed
    (but store thing is not released)
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