Shaolin Temple bell and bell tower

Shaolin Temple bell and bell tower しょうりんじぼんしょうおよびしょうろう
We show style of the Azuchimomoyama era
Swan lord of a castle Juro Shiratori continuing for a long time of Yachi prayed for warrior's destiny continuing for a long time and it was thing which we dedicated to Hachiman Shrine of Yachi, but Yoshiaki Mogami who destroyed Juro Shiratori moved to ryoshokyu of Miyamachi, Yamagata-shi that usually believed in Temple bell and did oblation.
Temple bell seemed to erect dignified bell tower indicating style in Momoyama era when rafter and measure group, figure materials were daring using splendid material with signature bell cast before Keicho newly to be good for this Temple bell.
The Meiji era began and walked way as Shinto shrine by enforcement of *butsukoboreshaku in ryoshokyu, and Shaolin Monastery purchased thing that Temple bell and bell tower became needless.
  • Name Shaolin Temple bell and bell tower
  • Location Yogai, Yamanobe-machi, Higashimurayama-gun
  • Phone number 023-667-1115
  • Access From Uzen-Yamabe Station car ten minutes
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Person in charge of Yamanobe-machi Board of Education social education
  • Others Temple bell of Shaolin Monastery and Shorouchou designated cultural assets 6 (June 22, 1981)
    Establishment Date: The Meiji early years (1868)
    Open to Public: As needed
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