The birthplace of Mokichi Saito

The birthplace of Mokichi Saito さいとうもきちのせいか
Mokichi Saito was born as the third son of shutanidemmigieimon on May 14, 1882.
When we are young, in Fri bottle district, there is "Hosenji" that is family temple "Fri bottle school" which worked hard for study the birthplace "the Moriyas" of Mokichi Saito.
  • Name The birthplace of Mokichi Saito
  • Location Kanakame, Kaminoyama-shi
  • Phone number 0237-672-1111
  • FAX number 0237-672-1112
  • Access From Kaminoyama-Onsen Station bus 15 minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Tourism Division, City of Kaminoyama
  • Remarks Establishment Date: Ignorance
    Open to Public: As needed
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