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[prefecture designated cultural assets] Jionji, Motoyama Mie tower ほんざんじおんじさんじゅうのとう
Former triple tower is erected in 1608 by Yamagata lord of a castle, dehaneshugengikoko.
It caught a fire by fire of next door in 1823 after 250 years, and we were rebuilt in 1830 (Bunsei 13) by this temple Fumi Nunokawa Goro of the carpenter leader.

Three ken of one four, height 8 length 8 shaku, roof lower 5 length 8 shaku, nine 3 length, man himself are diamond-world Dainichi Buddha.

Designated Date:: Flat 7.12.8
Number of Designation: One
Structure and form: 1.92m between the first layer center
   1.60m between the left underarm
   1.60m between the right underarm
Two levels of length of a crossbeam, 4.67m between beam
Three levels of length of a crossbeam, 4.24m between beam
Wooden construction, three ken, galvanized iron plate roofing between pillar
There is note of futosatsuichimaibummatsurigotojuichinen
  • Name [prefecture designated cultural assets] Jionji, Motoyama Mie tower
  • Location 31, Jionji, Sagae-shi
  • Phone number 0237-87-3993
  • Access From Sagae Station: 15 min by car
    From Sagae I.C. car 20 minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Jionji office of a temple
  • URL
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