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Homma Museum of Art ほんまびじゅつかん
This villa was completed thanks to the salvation project for working people’s happiness by Kodo, the 4th generation of Homma Family in 1813 and is now one of the prominent Japanese gardens. Opened as Homma Museum of Art in 1947, this museum has exhibited fine arts such as antiquarian books, antiques, and paintings.

[Visit around for Hina Dolls in the port town of Sakata: Sakata Hina Way]

Bloom Doll's Festival classic doll exhibition which holding exhibition name goods-carrying merchant ship conveyed
Display period from Saturday, February 24 to Monday, April 2
Hours: 9:00-16:30 (starting from April, closes at 17:00)
Closed Day: No fixed holiday during the Display Period
Admission    Adult: 900 yen
       Student: 400 yen, primary and secondary student: free
       It is 810 yen more than 20 group discount
       ※Combination ticket with Homma-ke Kyuhontei is also available for 1,400 yen
We offer commentary on exhibits when asked
  • Name Homma Museum of Art
  • Location 7-7 Onaricho, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-24-4311
  • FAX number 0234-24-4312
  • Admission (Individual Visitors) 900 yen for adults Odaka straight 400 yen
    [Group] 810 yen for adults Odaka straight 350 yen
    ※[Group of 20 people or more]
  • Access From Sakata Station a 5-minute walk
    From Shonai Airport a 1-minute walk from getting off at Sakata line bus shuten*ko bus terminal
  • Parking lot 30 cars
    Ten buses
  • Contact information Homma Museum of Art
  • URL
  • Remarks Combination ticket with Ken Domon Museum of Photography and Sakata City Museum of Art (1,610 yen) is available and good for one year. (one admission per facility)
    Combination ticket with Homma-ke Kyuhontei is also available for 1,400 yen
  • Others Establishment Date: 1947
    Open to Public: As needed
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[Last updated] January 18, 2018
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