Small cherry tree building (former Nishiokitama-gun government office)

Small cherry tree building (former Nishiokitama-gun government office) こざくらかん(きゅうにしおきたまぐんやくしょ)
"Nagai-shi designated cultural assets" which leave feature of Meiji
Former Nishiokitama-gun government office which was erected in 1878 in corner of forest of education.
It is building which is the second oldest in Yamagata Prefecture in the first, the whole country for county government office existing in building said to be Western-influenced architecture architecture using technique such as rare "sash window" "boarded place paint painting" "dintiru" where "fan is light" in Japan at the time. It was built in town center said to that government office which gathered Nishiokitama-gun ever included small cherry tree castle.
We receive designation of "Nagai-shi designation tangible cultural property" from 1996 and do some repair work in 2004, and we change "small cherry tree building" and the name, and we perform maintenance act in 2010, and it is used as place of citizen's culture, art by civic open call for participants. We can observe the building.
It is county government office of European-style building structure that whole country one that received the township municipalities formation method promulgation of July of the year by the foundation of December, 1878 is early. It is precious building conveying force of Nagai at the time to in now and the future. We raised building expense 3,500 yen in Nishiokitama-gun 46 ka village, and, in the construction place, it was in the present location where drainage was good on hill. Style is "Western-influenced architecture" that the Japanese leader made while adopting European and American building method structure. As for the characteristic of building, there are many the consecutive basics of stone masonry and outer wall that "sash windows" form a line in preliminary inspection boarded place of full-scale painting, entrance porches such as Shinto shrine with balcony. It was warehouse after 1982, but when the Heisei era began, profit of landmark architecture became the times when it was demanded inflecting, and reconstruction construction was performed with surrounding environment from 2010, and it was in building which citizen's again, was used.
  • Name Small cherry tree building (former Nishiokitama-gun government office)
  • Location 2-7-28, Kouyacho, Nagai-shi
  • Phone number 0238-88-9365
  • Business Hours 9:00-17:00
  • Closed On Monday (when Monday is holiday the next day closed days)
    on Year-end New Year holidays
  • Admission Admission free
  • Access Than Yamagata Railroad Flower Nagai Line Nagai Station from 7-minute walk or Ayamekoen Station a 6-minute walk
  • Parking lot 30 lots available
  • Contact information Small cherry tree building
  • URL
  • Remarks Establishment Date: 1878 (Meiji 11)
    In the forest of education, it is from merchant's family "Marudai fanmaker" who prospered in Mogami River water transportation "Kozo Naganuma carving and modeling building" displaying work of sculptor Kozo Naganuma representing Showa "small cherry tree building" of former Nishiokitama-gun government office.
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