Wild swamp dam

Wild swamp dam あらさわだむ
Of first-grade river, Akagawa who rise from, and flows into the Sea of Japan in wild swamp dam in Asahi Peaks, Mt. Ito-dake is located in upper reaches, Arasawa, Tsuruoka-shi, and storing water capacity does the greatest scale in prefecture Administration all-out.
The purpose contributes to flood control and irrigation water, hydraulic power generation.                 
We spent time of six years on dam construction and were completed in December, 1955.
By construction of this dam, 1.89 square kilometers such as move, rice field, field, the forest of wild swamp village 42 more than 200 name were buried in water.
"Takitaro (big fish) Festival" is held in Arabian bird Park of wild swamp dam reservoir and does well very much at the end of May every year.
  • Name Wild swamp dam
  • Location Arasawa, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 023-630-2619
  • FAX number 023-625-3866
  • Access From Tsuruoka Station Arabian bird line bus one hour five minutes
    Bus stop "wild swamp dam Exit" getting off is approximately 15 minutes on foot
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Shonai synthesis Subprefectural Office wild swamp dam Administration section
  • Remarks Area (m²): 1,800,000
    Best depth (m): 60
    Height above the sea level (m): 270
    Boats for rent (seki): No
    [neighboring facilities] Shore Park,
    Takitaro (big fish) open space (ground Campsite),
    One dam shore inn
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