The House of Taiko

The House of Taiko だいこういん
Best disciple, truth finished of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) sky Sea enters Okitama mountain for early stage of 859 years in the Heian era approximately 1,200 years ago, of Okitama mountain be built downhill in monastery; founder more of nyujaku venerable. It is temple of the Shingon Buddhism. Grave of the truth finished bishop is in Okitama park nearby.
"Kannondo" that the 34th chief priest founded in 1743 is at the House of Taiko. Left thing repaired roof and stairs now. The Kannon worshiped inside becomes wooden sedentary image. This Goddess of Mercy is the 14th etiquette place in one of the Okitama Sanju-san Kannon. One of house which wife, ship (boils) of Kanetsugu Naoe prays for Sanju-san Kannon in Okitama for sickly child, and turned around is the House of here Taiko.
There is "Komatsu banner year lion dance" appointed in Yamagata Prefecture designated immaterial folk cultural assets as traditional dance to be handed down to ex-Emperor Taiko. We begin in about 808 in the Heian era, and it is said first what we danced to repay favor of Tokuichi holy priest who tried for propagation activity in this district.
Bowl of festival day August 16 treasure tea bowl.
  • Name The House of Taiko
  • Location 2948, Kamikomatsu, Kawanishi-machi, Higashiokitama-gun
  • Phone number 0238-42-2666
  • Access From Uzen-Komatsu Station 15-minute walk, car five minutes
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information The House of Taiko
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