House of dragon Kotobuki Dainichi Buddha Ishibotoke

House of dragon Kotobuki Dainichi Buddha Ishibotoke りゅうじゅいんだいにちにょらいせきぶつ
Magnificent Buddha image that overwhelms the area
Dainichi Buddha Ishibotoke at the House of Motomachi dragon Kotobuki. Dignified sedentary image of handsome features made with sum total 5.4m, tufa. A lot of Old clogs, sandals, straw sandals are dedicated to covering building for protecting a Buddhist temple facing according to matchmaking of the Showa era, and more than 4m in particular is fascinated by large straw sandals which there is, too. It is thought that these were dedicated in hope of security of trip and mercy of Buddha.
In addition, on former January 15, "Dainichi Buddha straw sandals mikoshi Festivals" which carries large straw sandals on the shoulder, and parades around the town is held in snow, and it is winter pastime that gives poetic charm to Takahata.
  • Name House of dragon Kotobuki Dainichi Buddha Ishibotoke
  • Location 3654, Takahata, Takahata-machi, Higashiokitama-gun
  • Phone number 0238-52-0229
  • Contact information The House of dragon Kotobuki
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