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Atsumi-gawa River dam あつみがわだむ
Atsumi-gawa River dam was built in haze grounds best among Atsumimachi larger section of a village known as production center of "red turnip of Atsumi" and "Atsumi Hitokasumi-yaki Ware" as the second dam next to moonlight river dam for dam of the second grade river and was completed in 1986.
Atsumi-gawa River was river that niha was always atmospheric which uttered the source in Mikata Cangshan of Echigo Mountains at the north end, and flowed through Atsumi hot-spring resort, and flowed into the Sea of Japan, but we repeated the flooding by flood of re-three and gave much damage to basin.
As for the effect in river improvement, dam lake "Lake depths Atsumi" is evaluated as part of interchange base maintenance of town from the start by completion of this dam.
There are five places of rest stations in shore.
Figure that colored leaves of the mountains are projected in surface of a lake is beautiful.
  • Name Atsumi-gawa River dam
  • Location Hitokasumi, Tsuruoka-shi cloth waterfall
  • Phone number 0235-66-5634
  • Access Is car than Atsumi Onsen; 15 minutes
    Is car than Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway "Atsumi Onsen IC"; ten minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Shonai, Yamagata synthesis branch river erosion control section dam Administration charge
  • URL
  • Remarks Area (m²): 390,000
    Best depth (m): 35
    Height above the sea level (m): 160
    Boats for rent (seki):―
    Fishing ground (rate):―
    Irrigation marsh Wed multipurpose dam (in from implication train 61 completion of the Showa era, scenery Kei shore five places of rest stations)
    There is restroom, too
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