Original source temple

Original source temple しょうげんじ
The founder of person of Sakenobe. We changed to Sakenobe Echizen temple after kansei did meiiwashu*zenshi, and retainer did to founder, Mogami who did with the first and changed title of Buddhist temple to original source temple under the pretense of Sakenobe mountain total country temple in 1536 (Tenbun 5). The excellent main gate of a Buddhist temple was famous, and thing which was outer gate of Mount Yudono Dainichibo Temple of Oami, Asahi-mura was removed and rebuilt originally in 1961. Height is 13 meters of frontage 9.7 meters 6.1 meters in depth, 12 dignified two-storied gates. There are unusually track and railroad crossing toward you immediately for this building of the hand.
  • Name Original source temple
  • Location 22-13, Aramachi, Mamurogawa-machi, Mogami-gun
  • Phone number 0233-62-2111
  • FAX number 0233-62-2731
  • Access From JR Mamurogawa Station a 15-minute walk
  • Parking lot Approximately five
  • Contact information Mamurogawa-machi
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[Last updated] August 28, 2017
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