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Chotoku-ji Temple ちょうとくじ
The root wonders at there being light shining Thu at the time of mountain play person called Zhengding in the resident right of Dewa country prison swamp a year (1345-1349 years) on mountain of Kawaminami the Jowa era, and it is said that it was sacred image of Amitabha when we well see. We moved house to the ground than it, and saishu did sacred image. 
 It is said that we fix house for this ground and called ourselves Chotoku-ji Temple afterwards.  
 In 1862 (Bunkyu 2), we establish private elementary school of the Edo period. We put hot spring school in temple in 1875. In addition, in 1952, we establish authorization nursery school of the first in the town block and continue up to the present day.  
 It is Zhuang notice board place seventh hallowed ground. 
 "We do probably because we visit parents nomitamakomorou Onsenji and come and are enough and cut and kick"
  • Name Chotoku-ji Temple
  • Location Yuatsumi, Tsuruoka-shi former 124
  • Phone number 0235-43-3656
  • Access It is five minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway "Atsumi Onsen IC"
    It is 60 minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway "Asahi mahoroba IC"
    It is seven minutes by bus from JR Atsumi-Onsen Station
    It is a 30-minute walk from JR Atsumi-Onsen Station
  • Parking lot Please use Atsumi hot-spring hotel cooperative parking lot the second floor (ten) or forestry center parking lot (all free)
  • Contact information Chotoku-ji Temple
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