Yudonosan Churenji

Yudonosan Churenji ゆどのさん ちゅうれんじ
Ultimate Yudonosan Mountain Worship: Sokushinbutsu “Tetsumonkai-shonin” Enshrined
The 31st hallow ground of Shonai Sanjusan-Kannon [33 Deities of Mercy]
A historic temple whose origin is said to be traced back to the public oratory built by Kobo Daishi when he founded Yudonosan; also known as a scene in the novel “Gassan” (which won Akutagawa Award) written by Atsushi Mori.
Sokushinbutsu of Tetsumonkai-shonin is enshrined and Atsushi Mori Literature Monument is in the premise of the temple.
“Shichigosan Kake-Zakura” in the premise is well-known as a 200 year-old Korean mountain cherry tree.
(Tsuruoka-shi designated natural monument)

※Michelin Green Guide Japon (February 2009) gave us evaluation of the objects below: 
Churenji ☆☆  Sokushinbutsu ☆☆  Ceiling painting ☆  Waniguchi [gong]☆

 Please visit Churenji homepage for further information.
  • Name Yudonosan Churenji
  • Location 92-1 Nakadai, Oami, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-54-6536
  • Business Hours [May-October] 9:00-17:00
    [November-April] 9:00-16:00
  • Admission Admission fee
     Adult: 500 yen
     Junior and senior high school student: 400 yen
     Elementary school student: 300 yen

    ※[September 22, 2017] It is current information.
     As it may be different from fact,
     For more details, please refer directly.

  • Access From Shonai Asahi Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 15 min by car
    From Gassan Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 40 min by car
  • Parking lot 50 lots available
  • URL http://www2.plala.or.jp/sansuirijuku/
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