Niiyama Shrine (Komatsu Castle ruins)

Niiyama Shrine (Komatsu Castle ruins) しんざんじんじゃ こまつじょうし
Small Matsushiro was thought to be the foundation of the Kamakura era, and Omachi, Kori, Makino acted as the lord of a castle in sensanimbanshu of Nagai vassal and the times for show.
Internal disturbance of house for show, fight of small Matsushiro happened in 1570 (Genki 1), and it was the stage of the history of the Dates. It is castle where kuwaori*mashukeicho which name of a street of Koori-machi, Fukushima is derived from made castle. In the case of Yamautsuri, Iwade seal of the Dates, small Matsushiro was abolished.
In the north side of butsunariji, major Chief Abbot of the Honganji Temple and oar stand traces are stored now.
In addition, bloom to snuggle up to old wife of chief zen-priest temple blooming for fieldwork to protect small Matsushiro of the foundation in the Kamakura era; hang down, and aged tree of cherry tree leaves trace of prosperity of ex-Komatsu.
  • Name Niiyama Shrine (Komatsu Castle ruins)
  • Location Nakakomatsu, Kawanishicho, Higashiokitama-gun Niiyama 3114
  • Phone number 0238-42-2111
  • Access From Uzen-Komatsu Station 10-minute walk, car two minutes
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Kawanishi-machi
  • URL
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