Komatsu Kotai Shrine

Komatsu Kotai Shrine こまつこうたいじんじゃ
Branch shrine of Ise Grand Shrine which was founded early in the Edo era, and has been protected by Kurata low ranking Shinto priest of person of Uesugi vassal of Shinmei, Higashimachi, Yonezawa shrine. Current main shrine is the rebuilding of 1882 (Meiji 15). Festival day Sep 15.16 days
We gathered many worshipers from reason, neighborhood if the same as having gone and worshiped at Ise once if it was called Ise and prayed at our Shinto shrine three times for the Uesugi era. Haiku gathering of general term for haiku and linked verse, senryu was held flourishingly, too, and the door front did well again as entertainment district, too.
  • Name Komatsu Kotai Shrine
  • Location Kamikomatsu, Kawanishicho, Higashiokitama-gun character Niikura 5196
  • Access It is two minutes by ten minutes, car on foot from Uzen-Komatsu Station
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Komatsu Kotai Shrine
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[Last updated] March 14, 2014
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