Temman Shrine (the Mogami Park)

Temman Shrine (the Mogami Park) てんまんじんじゃ
Prefectural listed building
Temman Shrine in southwestern corner of Shinjyo Castle ruins main enclosure trace is Shinto shrine done son* as patron saint of the Tozawas from the former territory Akita Kakunodate times. When shodaihanshumatsurigotosei erected in (1628) in 1628 that is billboard announcing a framework-raising ceremony of the company three years after Tsuiki, Shinjo, it is written down in (1668) to another billboard announcing a framework-raising ceremony again in 1668 when this and the other worlds feudal lord plus truth revived.
  • Name Temman Shrine (the Mogami Park)
  • Location Horibatacho, Shinjo-shi
  • Phone number 0233-22-2111
  • FAX number 0233-22-0989
  • Access From Shinjo Station a 10-minute walk
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Tourism Exchange Office, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Division, Shinjo-shi
  • Remarks Designated Date:: * 62.8.25
    Number of Designation: Two
    [structure and form]
    One ken of main hall length of a crossbeam (1.96m), one ken (1.61m), one ken company wave-style architecture of Shinto shrines, thatch between beam
    Three ken of front shrine length of a crossbeam (3.93m), span one ken (2.72m),
    It is attached during nyubookuzo, thatch, back phase
    futosatsu two pieces, the dried time Kanbun eight fifth Monkey
    There is note of the sky
    There is note of kaneigobotatsuhachitsukihatachigonichi
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