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Niiyama Shrine しんざんじんじゃ
Enshrined deity is big game main life, rich ball princess life, tsukiyomison.
Vassal of Yoritomo Minamoto, the height of Kuro Adachi head get manifestation from dream during here stay on annual festival Sun August 18, and it is Niiyama Shrine to have built small shrine.
Lion dance is dedicated to annual festival Sun.
  • Name Niiyama Shrine
  • Location 50, Oshikiri, Higashiaraya, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-64-2111
  • FAX number 0235-64-4280
  • Access From Fujishima Station than bus 20 minutes Kawajiri a 20-minute walk
  • Parking lot
  • Contact information Fujishima, Tsuruoka-shi Government building industry section
  • URL
  • Remarks Tsuruoka-shi east moat super Olympics Sawada
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[Last updated] May 27, 2013
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