Uesugi Jinja Shrine

Uesugi Jinja Shrine うえすぎじんじゃ
Major Tourist Spot in Yonezawa enshrining a hero of feudal warlords, Kenshin Uesugi
This shrine was reared with Kenshin and Yozan Uesugi enshrined on the ruin of Honmaru of Yoneza Castle in 1876.
 It was designated as Bekkaku Kanpei-sha (= a rank of shrines decided by Meiji Government; given to a shrine which enshrines a person who made efforts for the sake of the country); at the same time, Yozan was moved to a related shrine which later became Matsugasaki Jinja Shrine.
 Although most of the buildings in the premise were burnt down during the Yonezawa Taika [massive fire] in 1919, the present shrine was rebuild in 1923 thanks to the national subsidy and volunteer labor by citizens of Yonezawa. The shrine was designed by Dr. Chuta Ito, who was from Yonezawa and one of the leading authorities on architecture of shrines.
 Uesugi Jinja Shrine has provided emotional support to citizens of Yonezawa who visit the shrine all through the year on the occasions such as New Year, child’s anniversaries, marriage, and prayer for safety.
 You can also visit Keisho-den in the premise which houses a collection of cultural properties related to Uesugi Family, and Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Museum nearby.
Annual festival is held on April 29. Also, the shrine is used as the venue of Yonezawa Uesugi Festival and Uesugi Yuki-Doro Festival.
Known for the magnificent cherry trees.
  • Name Uesugi Jinja Shrine
  • Location 1-4-13 Marunouchi, Yonezawa-shi
  • Phone number 0238-22-3189
  • Access From Yonezawa Station: Take bus to “Uesugi Jinja-mae” stop
  • Parking lot About 300 lots available at Matsugasaki Omatsuri Hiroba parking
  • Contact information Uesugi Jinja Shrine
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