Kumano Shrine

Kumano Shrine くまのじんじゃ
As for the foundation of Kumano Shrine, it is conveyed with opening (672), Giyoja Enno in the Hakuho first year by oracle dream that we performed kansei of yoshimamehidaribaishin in the Atsumi Dakeyama top. Muto who was feudal lord did veneration in the Middle Ages and when the Edo era began, we were protected by each generation Shonai feudal lord Sakai and were performed by feudal clan costs for the rebuilding and repair of main shrine. The Meiji era begins and attends village shrine, and we are rebuilt in the present location in 1958 in 1916 by utsushiza, big fire of Atsumi hot spring (Atsumi Onsen) of 1950 after having caught a fire.
  • Name Kumano Shrine
  • Location Yuatsumi, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235 (43) 3547
  • FAX number 0235 (43) 3417
  • Access [from Yamagata, the Sendai area] Yamagata Expressway "Tsuruoka IC" → Route 7 → Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway "Tsuruoka west IC" ~ "Atsumi Onsen IC" → It is five minutes by prefectural road going straight car
    [from the Niigata area] It is 60 minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway "Asahi mahoroba IC"
    It is seven minutes by bus from JR Atsumi-Onsen Station
    It is a 30-minute walk from JR Atsumi-Onsen Station
  • Parking lot Please use the second floor of Atsumi hot-spring hotel cooperative parking lot (ten) or forestry center parking lot (all free)
  • Contact information Atsumi Tourism Association
  • URL http://www.atsumi-spa.or.jp/
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